The Taverns of Time

Rumors speak of a small Inn in Tanaris. They say just past Gadgetzan, in an ancient cave, time travelling dragons are bringing Hearthstone cards from the future. Classes that had been only speculation back in the Lion’s Pride Inn, are brought to life within this time lost  dwelling. Mechanics that would have taken centuries to arrive in the core game have already been exploited to a point where time walkers have needed to implement nerfs from the future.

Strangely enough however, these cards seem to only chronicle events that have already happened. But despite accusations of illegal card forgery, the goblins of the area insist that the cards are indeed from the future, and that this is merely the bronze dragonflight’s way of teaching youngsters world history.

The cards were brought over in three parts.

Part One: Mythos

New Class : Timewalker.

Classes Expanded: Priest, Mage, Druid.

Neutral Set: Mythos.

See Azeroth as it was before the Well of Eternity collapsed and the world was torn asunder. Experience the might of the Titans, the Dragonflights, the Old Gods, and the Night Elves of ancient Kalimdor.

Part Two: A New World

New Class: Monk.

Classes Expanded: Hunter, Shaman, Warlock.

Neutral Set: New World.

Part two takes place both on a newly forged Azeroth. But also on Draenor, through its times of peace all the way through to its demonic corruption. View the society’s of Orcs, Trolls, Dranei, Demons, and Pandaren.

Part Three: Warcraft

New Class: Death Knight, Guardian.

Classes Expanded: Warrior, Rogue, Paladin.

Neutral Set: Warcraft.

Once the Dark Portal is open, there’s no going back. Part three takes place during the first, second and third wars between the Horde and Alliance. The conflicts that founded the Warcraft universe. From the Blasted Lands to the Frozen Throne, part three has you covered.


Welcome, to the ultimate fan made hearthstone expansion,

Welcome, to the Taverns of Time.


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