Part One: Mythos.

MYTHOS NEUTRAL (click to view cards)

For much of Azeroth’s prehistory, the Old Gods ruled Azeroth along with their Elemental Lieutenants . Azeroth attracted the attention of the wandering titans, who fought the Old Gods in a war of ordering. With the help of their constructs, the titans allowed life to flourish on Azeroth. Satisfied, the Makers built hidden cities for their construct creations and created the Dragon Aspects to guard the planet before leaving on their cosmic journey. This led to a long period of relative peace that lasted until the War of the Ancients, a conflict that began when the Highborne Night Elves used the power of the Well of Eternity to summon forth the endless armies of the Burning Leigon.

The war reached its end when the Well of Eternity exploded, shattering Azeroth’s single continent into its formation today.

PRIEST (click to view cards)

In ancient Azeroth, faith was one of the most powerful weapons you could hold. Pledging your spirit and loyalty to the superpowers of Azeroth would keep you safe through the hardest of times. There were oracles who lived in fear of the Old God’s return,  driven mad by their psychic whispers. There were temples dedicated to Elune, the moon goddess who had protected the Night Elves in their primal beginnings. The Demigods, the Dragon Aspects, Queen Azshara; whoever held power could wield both hope, and fear.

MAGE (click to view cards)

Abandoned by the titans, the Well of Eternity was the source of all man made magic on Azeroth. It was guarded by the Blue Dragonflight, abused by the Night Elves, and destroyed by the massive conflict that was the War of the Ancients. Its waters founded Highborne society, and the few vials saved created the Sunwell and the world Tree Nordrassil. Mages as we know them exist exclusively because of the Well of Eternity.

DRUID (click to view cards)

When Zin’Azshari was taken over by the legion, the night elves who didn’t stand with the rest of the Highborne sought refuge in the forests of ancient Kalimdor. There they found protection in the form of Azeroth’s demigods, in particular Cenarius, lord of the forest. These demigods bestowed some of their power upon their most loyal followers, and thus druids were created.

TIMEWALKER (click to view cards)

As head of the titanic Pantheon, Aman’thul  could see everything in existence: past, present and future. He knew that everything had an order, and that order must be maintained. To keep the order, he bestowed some of his power upon the bronze wyrm Nozdormu. Finally, to make sure no arrogance would befall Nozdormu, Aman’thul showed the dragon its inevitable death at the end of time.


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