Part Three: Warcraft.

WARCRAFT NEUTRAL (click to view cards)

The humans who lived in Azeroth had turned the land into a paradise. And  their well-trained armies of the king maintained a long-lasting peace for many generations. Unbeknownst to them, the powerful human mage Medivh was seeking for a way destroy this peace. With the help of an other worldly being name Gul’Dan, they managed to open a portal between their worlds; The Dark Portal. Through the portal came the Orcish Horde, who under the corruption of the demon Mannoroth, sought to lay claim to this new world.

WARRIOR (click to view cards)

The Humans and Orcs both valued physical strength far more than any race they had encountered. The armies in the first war lived and died with their warriors; the beserk Orcs empowered with demon blood, and the heavily armored knights of Stormwind. Ogres and Orcs, tore through Azeroth and toppled Stormwind with bloodlust and brute-strength. The humans retreated to their northern kingdoms and the first war was won.

ROGUE (click to view cards)

The Second War saw the Alliance and Horde enlist more cunning races among their ranks. The Horde gained the allegiance of the Goblins and Forest Trolls while the Alliance claimed the support of Gnomes, Dwarves and High Elves. The Horde even enslaved dragons and practiced necromancy, becoming an incredible force. But when they turned on Lorderon, the mightiest human kingdom, Gul’dan took the Twighlight Hammer and Stormreaver Clan with him to raise the Tomb of Sargeras’ from the ocean. Orgrim Doomhammer sent the captured Dragons to destroy the betrayers, leaving their forces in Lorderon weak enough for the Alliance to mop them up.

This turned the tide and ultimately led to an Alliance victory.

PALADIN (click to view cards)

After the first war, it was made clear those who had devoted themselves to the light needed to be able to defend themselves. The Knights of the Silver Hand became the first order of Paladins, made to fight back the orcish Horde. Long after the second war, a mysterious plague appeared in Lorderon which transformed those infected into the undead scourge. Paladins were immune to the plague, making them Lorderon’s last defense. But when Uther the Lightbringer refused to aid Arthas Menethil in culling the infested city of Strathholme, the Silver Hand was disbanded.

DEATH KNIGHT (click to view cards)

Arthas ventured to Northrend to stop the plague at its source, the Dreadlord Mal’Ganis. Committed to saving his people, Arthas ventured to find the powerful Runeblade Frostmourne. The blade won Arthas his campaign in Northrend, but it held the soul of the evil orcish nercomancer Ner’Zhul. Possessed, Arthas returned home to murder his father King Terenas, and bring ruin to his kingdom.

GUARDIAN (click to view cards)

The Guardian of Trifisial was a single mortal champion magically empowered by the Council of Trifisial to secretively fight the Burning Leigon wherever they appeared on Azeroth. The last guardian Medivh had been corrupted by the demon lord Sargeras even before his birth, and was manipulated into opening the Dark Portal. Executed for his acts, his lingering spirit returned to warn the mortal races of Azeroth of the coming of the scourge and legion after the second war. Medivh both doomed and saved Azeroth.



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