Part Two: A New World.

A NEW WORLD NEUTRALS (click to view cards)

After the destruction of the Well of Eternity, Azeroth was left a little more primal. Races who had mastered the wilds thrived. Night elves were forced to embrace druidism while trolls built empires in every corner of  the fractured Azeroth. The Old Gods started to break free of their bonds, unleashing the curse of flesh that turned the golems the titans left into countless of modern Azeroth’s mortal races.

Far from Azeroth, the Dranei (who had fled their home world Argus to escape the Burning Legion) arrived on Draenor; the home planet of orc and ogre. While the ogres fought to preserve their mighty empire, the dranei and orcs found relative peace with each other.

WARLOCK (click to view cards)

That is until the Orcish Warlock Gul’dan and his Shadow Council made contact with the Burning Leigon. The Leigon sent Mannoroth, leader of the Annihilan to meet with Gul’dan and conquer Draenor. Mannoroth offered his blood and with it indescribable power to the orcs, in exchange for their freedom. The demon blood turned the orcs  into a force of evil, and Draenor became the staging ground for the next attempt of conquering Azeroth.

SHAMAN (click to view cards)

Demigods, dragons and demons are all powerful sources of power. But after the events of the War of the Ancients, the mortal races were reluctant to put their faith in beings of divine power. So many instead looked to the elements for guidance, knowing the forces of nature would not betray them.

HUNTER  (click to view cards)

Trolls were the ultimate hunters. They worshiped Loa, bestial demigods far more violent than the druidic variety. Their primal nature let them tame Azeroth’s strongest beasts, from dinosaurs to mammoths. For centuries night elves looked down on the primitive trolls, but to survive in this new world, they had to take a page from their book.

MONK  (click to view cards)

To save his fellow pandaren from the Legion’s invasion, Emperor Shaohao sacrificed his essence to drag Pandaria out to sea and enshroud it in mist so it would not be found. However, this left them without outside help, and when the titanic mogu were corrupted by the Curse of Flesh, the pandaren were enslaved. Years of hard labor had made the pandaren strong, and an easy rule had made the mogu weak. Noticing their advantage, Kang the Fist of First Dawn rallied his fellow slaves and trained them in unarmed combat. They overthrew the mogu empire and began their own, one they could defend.


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